about us


The first time we sang together was like slipping into a designer gown or tailored suit that was made especially for us...everything just fit.  We we were always meant to sing together.

It opened our eyes to the possibility that we could play music that not only created a memorable experience for our audience, but WE could also have a blast doing it.

So we set out on the hope that maybe we could be lucky enough to do it all the time...maybe, just maybe, we could look out on a room full of smiling faces having the time of their lives and dancing to the music we played.

And now, here we are.  Sure, we have our own original material that we've written, recorded and are pretty dang proud of (and we'd be stoked to play it all for you anywhere, anytime...seriously...stalk us at Starbucks or a gas station, whatever...we'll play it for you).  But we're also equipped to play your next event, whether you need a laid back acoustic setting or a full on "dance your high heels off" kind of party.  We've worked ridiculously hard to prepare experiences that are professional and perfect for what you need.

So, let's have a conversation.  Email us.  Call us.  Have a cup of coffee with us (we're nuts about coffee, man).  We'd love to be a part of helping your event come to life.


- Tony, Lacie & Emily